About Feldenkrais

A Method for Better Living in A Daunting New World

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD of AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT will change your life - until your last breath!

Rather than evoking change by mentally trying to force it, the process evokes consciousness itself. Think about trying to force someone to stand straight. It doesn't work. It creates mental and physical tension and rigidity which only serve to make the joints wear out and the mind exhausted with the effort. Rather than provoking some kind of change in form or function through reward or punishment, the Feldenkrais Method is based on the human potential for expanding awareness.

Make Use of the Plasticity of Your Own Neurology

Your Choice. Do nothing new, and not only do you risk repeating the mistakes of the past. You also basically accept the role of diminishing your cognitive skills, your mobility, even your vocabulary. Think of movement as the basic vocabulary of living an embodied, joyful life.

This is an easy thing to learn: how to use consciousness itself to improve the human condition from within. This activates the natural healing capacity of the cells, for they thrive in such a welcoming environment. It activated the nervous system to self-correct and the innate curiosity of human beings that it fosters activates the organisms's ability to sense and find organic alignment from the feedback it gets from it's own proprioceptive system.

Rather than a theory of how humankind can improve, the Feldenkrais Method is a simple, practical process for intrinsic learning and motivation. It is based directly on scientific method: the process of creating an experiment with constraints and then observing the results. The medium is movement because the feedback is immediate. The result of working with the Method to improve movement is exponential. Why? Because when the Nervous System is given such perfect conditions for learning, it auto-corrects.
About Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, GCFP, LMT
An Instructor With 25 Years of Experience
Teaching People To Feel Better in Body, Mind & Spirit Since 1997
As a Feldenkrais Practitioner, the focus is on Somatic learning - learning with all that you are - so that people become independent learners. After I had been teaching Awareness Through Movement for some ten years or more, my daughter, who was at college at the time, died of a drug overdose. I was devastated. It took me seven years of self-inquiry to return to a state of being that was more alive than dead. It came about as a direct result of my training to find new responses, for choosing new options in the physical plane allows the mind to expand. It allows the soul to discover new options. In the realm of the psyche, it facilitates a new level of fulfillment and serenity.

As a part of that journey, I returned to do two years of advanced training in the Feldenkrais Method with Internationally known Trainer, Jeff Haller. This support was in addition to the four-year training that is the pre-requisite for becoming a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (GCFP). This gave me even more tools for calming the mind, relieving the tension and dealing with the physical stress of living with grief for years. It also gave me a DIY system to approach life in a way that continues to facilitate improvement as we age, even as our mobility and wellbeing improve. The deeper the initiation into this practice, the more I was able to find my way back to living in a way that I never expected to find again. I was able to stop living the story of being broken. As I learned to frame the experience of my daughter’s death as a wakeup call, I discovered it was an opportunity for a deeper engagement with living. I was able to transcend trauma. I was able to discover a love, a trust, and a happiness that makes life richer than ever before. 
25 years easing musculoskeletal pain as a massage therapist.
25 years of meditation and self-inquiry
25 years of self growth and shifting internal paradigms for living
25 years of journaling experience for channeling inner wisdom
14 years as Level II iRest Meditation Instructor
5 years as Circle Facilitator for Insight Journaling, writing & meta-cognition 
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Embody the choices that give you better quality of life indefinitely. I started this company with the express intention of giving people the tools to stop suffering, be it body, mind, spirit or soul suffering. The methods you learn with me will take you on a wondrous journey back to creativity, spontaneous insight and joy. 

Life was never meant to be a struggle.
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How many times have you set yourself up for failure by intending to make some new change in behavior in your life and then found you could not maintain it? Discover a path forward that's a way to rework the life you have left, so that it becomes the life you most want to live. Better yet, it becomes a surprise. How? Because it becomes totally interactive. Discover a Method that can allow your life to become better, richer and more fulfilling than you have ever previously thought possible...

If you are ready to find a new way to live in a world gone mad, this methodology is the most effective way to change, adapt and renew your enjoyment of life come what may.