Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement Class® APRIL 2022 Topic - Remember when you could feel your abdominals?
It matters. The weight of the internal organs, the pelvic floor, the belly AND the back are all tied together.
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"It’s not a question of increasing your willpower. It’s a question of increasing your ability to do it."

~Moshe Feldenkrais

Convinced Your Abdominals Are Weak? It's actually much more likely that you have simply tuned them out for so long that you can't really feel your belly any more. Remember when you woke up in the morning and could feel your abdominal muscles because your stomach was empty? Most adults, over time, compromise their posture. Most of us, give up on having a flat belly at some point. And becoming resigned to getting fat only leads to further disconnection between you abdominal power, your pelvic floor and your back as a cohesive support system for dancing, lifting, sitting or just enjoying.

Rather than succumb to the sensory amnesia that leads to decrepitude, tune back in. Rather than tuning out your sensory input, the feedback loop that helps keep you toned and fit, dial it up a notch. Rather than resigning yourself to ignoring how you feel, regain the sensory delight of being embodied. Resurrect your pleasure at being alive. April is the moment for it every year, it's an annual opportunity for personal resurrection. Don't let this year go by without changing the pattern. Stop caving into social pressure to resign yourself to falling apart. Sometimes, you have to fall apart to put yourself back together again in a new way - one that moves you to a new level of fulfillment!

Photo by Jamie Ginsberg on Unsplash 

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD of AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT will blow your mind - in a good way!
Optimize your learning, your mobility and your resilience simultaneously! Mindful movement that challenges you to learn new responses and to reprogram your brain for better adaptability. The icing? Greater mental acuity, creativity and spontaneity. What better way to improve your quality of life than to augment comfort and ease?

Continuing Education CEU's available for massage license renewal in Oregon - must be present at all four classes.
April ATM Class

Topic: Ressurect Abdominal Power

Movement Theme: Breathing into an Abdominal Awakening, Connecting to the Pelvic Floor.

As inside, Psoas outside!

Somatic Relationships: Feeling more like yourself means reconnecting with parts of you that you may have lost in the daily grind of just getting by.

With Every ATM Lesson You Gain

  • Effortless Changes in Posture
  • Interruption of the Stress Response
  • Reprogram Your Brain to Enter a Flow State
  • Discover New Mobility in Mind & Body
  • Release A Pattern of Years of Unconscious Tension
A process that teaches you to Do IT Yourself! 
Because it doesn't matter how much money you have,
if you need to get out of pain at 4am, you better
have some idea of what to do!