Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement Class®  February 2022 Topic
"In Feldenkrais we are more interested in tuning the instrument than learning the right way to play a tune, so that any tune we play will sound more beautiful."
~Moshe Feldenkrais
The FELDENKRAIS METHOD of AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT will blow your mind - in a good way!
Optimize your learning, your mobility and your resilience simultaneously! Mindful movement that challenges you to learn new responses and to reprogram your brain for better adaptability. The icing? Greater mental acuity, creativity and spontaneity. What better way to improve your quality of life than to augment comfort and ease?
February 2022 Movement Theme
The health professionals who treat you after an accident or surgery and during rehabilitation do a great job “putting you back together.” But often, your insurance only just covers enough of the sessions to leave you at the doorstep of being able to return to normalcy. How can you do for yourself, so that if you loose the support that insurance provides, you are not stuck between a rock and a hard place, feeling that you are overwhelmed by not knowing how to get back the functionality that you lost? This is the Method you can easily learn to bridge that gap. Learn to navigate your somatic anatomy, and improve with less effort.

An additional consideration is this: specialization has left the world in the hands of experts, each with a different kind of hammer. Each sees the problem as a nail with only one solution. With this Method of Awareness Through Movement (ATM), you learn to do what conventional approaches such as Physical Therapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic can't teach you because it wasn't part of their training. When you devote an hour to yourself each week to learn to work with your self-image and movement patterns, you learn to reprogram your brain to move beyond the limitation and into new options that expand your capabilities.

Rather than limiting your choices due to an increasing sense of diminished capacity, learn to find ways around the pain, or through the pain to the new sense of potency that lies beyond it. It's true you will never be the same again, but make it so that it's true in a good way! Discover how to expand what's possible for yourself.

Most of us have little or no awareness of ourselves in action. Many of our body parts are simply assumed to be working just fine, but with a habit of tuning out, we loose sensitivity. One of the main compromises that aging forces on people without awareness is a gradual loss of sensory input that makes balance and coordination more and more precarious over time. ATM is an easy-to-learn process that relieves you of the sensory amnesia that is the major cause of falls in the elderly. But if you wait twenty years to reverse it when you're 75, it's a lot harder. 

Chronic pain sets up a pattern of attention only to the same parts over and over: the parts that hurt, the parts where we feel pain or discomfort. The truth, however, is that when you begin to get the guidance to focus on what works, you rediscover the wonder and awe of the body, of balance, of the sheer pleasure of proprioception. Before injury, "Chop wood and carry water." After injury, it ain't happening - unless you discover how to redistribute the effort, how to have a pleasurable association with the parts of you that used to hurt and by including your whole self in everything you do. Why? Because kinesthetic pleasure, the pleasure of being in a body and sensing comfort is not just for kittens and children!

Reverse muscular amnesia. Regain comfort in everyday actions. Enjoy a new level of quality of life!

Photo by Mikhail Nilov
February ATM Class

Topic - Tuning Your Instrument for Living: Sweet Proprioception
Movement Theme: Spinal Function In All Directions
The Somatic Repercussions of a reversal of Sensory Amnesia: Increase your vocabulary for movement through life, rather than diminish as you age.

With Every ATM Lesson You Gain

  • Effortless Changes in Posture
  • Interruption of the Stress Response
  • Reprogram Your Brain to Enter a Flow State
  • Discover New Mobility in Mind & Body
  • Release A Pattern of Years of Unconscious Tension
Making the impossible possible...with a somatic process that's easy to learn and can transform you Quality of Life.