Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement Class® MARCH 2022 Topic - It makes a difference HOW you do things...
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"The how is the Hallmark of our individuality; it is an inquiry into the process of acting. If we look at how we do things, we might find an alternative way of doing them,

i.e. have some free choice.

For, if we have no alternative, we have no choice at all."


~Moshe Feldenkrais

Living in Fight or Flight? Relax. It's actually safer to be at the ready but loose. Tension makes you UNready! Resolve the tension.There is no release from a state of emergency unless you intervene intentionally. Neurologically, the body perpetuates readiness until it feels safe. Additionally, the Endocrine System has pumped your body full of stress hormones that have the effect of inhibiting the beneficial hormones that govern rest and taking care of important things like digestion, immunity and sleep. This means that without doing something to release all that stress, the stress hormones linger long after they are needed. 

Take the time to create a safety within by releasing the tension that prevents rest and reorganizing your back muscles for greater strength and power. In the Feldenkrais Community, this is known as the Superman Series. It's something you have to experience to understand. Nobody told you how to walk by yourself as a child! It happened through a profound somatic process of self-discovery. It emerged through a process of relaxed, playful exploration that taught you how to use gravity to make your life easier.

 Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD of AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT will blow your mind - in a good way!
Optimize your learning, your mobility and your resilience simultaneously! Mindful movement that challenges you to learn new responses and to reprogram your brain for better adaptability. The icing? Greater mental acuity, creativity and spontaneity. What better way to improve your quality of life than to augment comfort and ease?

Continuing Education CEU's available for massage license renewal in Oregon - must be present at all four classes.
March ATM Class

Topic: Living in Fight or Flight? Back Tense? Resolve the tension.

Movement Theme: The Superman Series. Reorganize your back muscles for greater strength and power.

Somatic Relationships: Better Pilates, Greater Core Strength AND Coordination,

for with one but not the other you are prone to injury!

With Every ATM Lesson You Gain

  • Effortless Changes in Posture
  • Interruption of the Stress Response
  • Reprogram Your Brain to Enter a Flow State
  • Discover New Mobility in Mind & Body
  • Release A Pattern of Years of Unconscious Tension
The ONLY somatic process teaches you to land on your feet!  
Now that transforms your Quality of Life.