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Private Feldenkrais® 
with Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP, Guild Certified
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Private Feldenkrais 
Called "Functional Integration" (F.I.) 

When you discover the Feldenkrais Method, you make the best and the most major investment in your on-going wellbeing you can possibly make. How is that possible? It's because when you invest yourself in your own learning and make wellbeing your priority, you retrain your brain to keep looking for ways to improve. You will not have to live in fear of falling apart the way so many people do as they age, because you will begin to spontaneously take better care of yourself. This is a skill to pass on to as many people as possible now it has become all too clear that your health care is primarily up to you.

Feldenkrais is not a quick fix. Feldenkrais is the long-term solution. It can retrain your nervous system, so you don't perpetuate habits that cause pain.

Everyone develops compensation patterns over time. No one is immune from some injury, major or minor. Yet, if you don't do much to make sure your body is functional after the initial recovery, you fall into compensation patterns that create secondary issues. If you want different results, you have to do things in a new way. Private Sessions in Feldenkrais, known as Functional Integration (F.I), are a form neurological re-education that support your brain in re-organizing basic movement patterns. As such, it alleviates compensation patterns that prolong injury and chronic tension.

A series of private sessions can help permanently change the habitual patterns that used to cause you pain and discomfort. An F.I. is a mindful, hands-on, non-verbal session that moves you past previous limitations. Support your brain and nervous system in re-organizing how you navigate gravity.

Pain is almost always related to using muscles to do the work that the skeleton was designed to do . That's why it's vital that you learn how to sense the structural support of your skeleton. That way it can support you in the field of gravity without effort. It's a method that allows you to regain energy that you used to have as you gradually stop using muscle to do the job of supporting you in space.

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If you really want to expedite your learning, so that you become self-sufficient and proficient more quickly, commit yourself to a Mini-Intensive by including a month of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes. You can Read More about the class format of Feldenkrais, affectionately known as ATM, on the Home Page.
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Principle Characteristics of Embodiment

Just like a heavy box, your body has weight and is subject to the same laws of gravity. Unlike your body, that box is inert weight that responds to mechanical force with no ability to self-correct.

Just watch what happens when you see your cat playfully shove a box too close to the edge of the table!

What's the Difference?

You are different in that
you are live weight and you have consciousness.
That means that, like a cat,
you have the ability to correct self-correct while in motion.
The "function" in "Functional Integration" allows you to
optimize your ability to move
with greater body awareness - like an athlete or a cat!

Here are some of the benefits of doing Functional Integration:
Turn Your Sensitivity Up
Avoid the pitfall of being ungrounded, disconnected and out of touch with your own body which makes you top-heavy and unsafe in the field of gravity.
Enhance Proprioception
End the gradually increasing dependence on your visual field. It's ironic to consider that while vision may diminish as you age, most people tend to depend on it to the exclusion of touch.
Refine Agility
The difference between the athlete and the beginner in any sport is that practice improves ability to judge distance. This can improve your tennis serve. Expedite the acquisition of skill in any sport.
Augment Peripheral Vision
End the gradual deterioration of your ability to be aware of what is around you. This has the added benefit of making it less likely that you will trip and fall.
Slow Down
Learning to move slowly has to be something you practice if you have grown up in a society that reveres speed over all else. The truth is, it is much, much harder to hurt yourself if you do things slowly.
Better Balance
Balance is a function of your body's ability to sense where you are in space. The more sedentary you are, the more time you have been unconsciously tuning out the very source of your safety. 
Exponential Improvement
The key to exponential improvement is to understand that it's based on learning. When you improve how you do one thing, your brain starts cogitating on how to translate that to other things you do. This is not a substitute for exercise, rather it improves every kind of exercise you choose to do.
Retrain Your Brain
The difference between knowledge and learning is that knowledge is fixed, whereas learning is emergent. It's continually growing as your brain makes new connections out of habit. Learn to improve how you learn and you have an asset for life.
Functional Integration
A Private Feldenkrais Session - F.I.
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