"Life is short. Enjoy it!"
Solutions for a life well lived - feel better - move better - enjoy better - Quality of Life!

I am a professional Feldenkrais Practitioner, based in Jacksonville, Oregon.

My motivation is this:

We only have so much time left on this earth; let's make it worthwhile! It's about

Quality of Life.

This site is all about how to learn a simple process that takes your Quality of Life to a new level.

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It's not WHAT you do that breaks patterns of pain and limitation. It's HOW you do it.
The Feldenkrais Method® 
of Awareness Through Movement®
"Making the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant." ~Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
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designed to support you in transformation from within!
Feldenkrais makes YOU the arbiter of how you feel,
not aging, not injury, no drugs, no expensive medical costs!
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A New Topic, A New Theme, A New Way to Understand Somatics Each Month
Embody The Person You Wish To Be

What is Somatics? Discover How to Navigate the World With Your Whole Self

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Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement Sampling of Classe Themes from 2022:


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Find greater stability, energy, comfort, wonder and creativity.
Continuing Education CEU's available for massage license renewal in Oregon - must be present at all classes you seek to apply as Continuing Education Credits for Oregon Massage Board.

Want to have an experiential sense of the anatomy you learned from books? Would you like a better felt-sense of how your joints actually articulate? Do you yearn to have a clearer understanding of what normal range of motion is and how to mobilize joints safely? This is one of the only ways to translate that book learning or that dissection class into something you feel in the deepest part of your being! 
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