Free yourself from unconscious limitations.
There is no better way to remove limitation than by increasing body awareness.

It's true self-care because you are the only person who really understands what your symptoms are and where they manifest.

You cultivate awareness through the language of the body:
movement - slow - gentle - mindful.

Just as words are the language of the analytical mind & images are the language of the creative mind, sensation is the language of the body...

Regain the entire Range of Motion possible. You become fully Embodied.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement®
lessons restore joy in being alive.
Now you can learn to take better care of yourself at home with these recordings.

ATM Jaw - Voice - Neck Activation
The experience of life comes through the body; hence the need to "embody" experience. When you get in the habit of tuning yourself out, be it through injury or trauma, it's much easier to get injured in the future. In this lesson, learn how to use your head and jaw in novel ways that confound the organization of old patterns of bracing which cause neck pain and inhibit spontaneity. How do you regain inspiration when you live as if trapped by pain? Use this ATM to move through it to the other side: to a new, more comfortable, more confident version of yourself. Free up your body, so that you can fully enjoy being in a body again. Not much incentive to sing in appreciation of life if you don't feel magnificent!
ATM Self-Care - Boundaries
Feeling overextended? Maybe you do too much for others and not enough for yourself? Discover how to quickly and easily provide stress relief that lasts. You need relief from burn-out that changes your habitual habit of giving too much. It takes from the very core of your being and results in habits of movement that are short, tight, uncomfortable and that compromise your posture. ATM is a concrete way to work with sensing when you are in balance - in the field of gravity - in comparison to when you are overextended. This provides you with a clear self-image that defines where you end and the rest of the world begins. If your sense of this is vague, you could benefit greatly from this lesson in service of having healthy boundaries. Unexpectedly, it's not a matter of having boundaries with others. It's a matter of having boundaries with yourself. When you refine your sense of your own alignment, your emotional alignment takes care of itself.
ATM Effortless Posture - Skeletal Support
Your central axis of support is your spine. Sadly, most people don't know how to optimize that support. True skeletal alignment is effortless. This competence, however, is relatively unknown because people tend to tune out and ignore vital information from their own awareness. The tension you feel is a signal from the body to the brain that something is amiss, that there is an unequal balance in the resting length of the muscles. When the muscles on both sides of the body are of equal tension, gravity becomes a stabilizing force. This balance is what allows the Golden Gate to carry the massive weight of the cars that cross it every day. When you learn to recognize the FEELING of the force of gravity as it goes directly through the length of you, it retrains your brain to seek that stability faster than thought. Free up your muscles for dancing, running, living and expressing love!
Сreate a Life As Unique As You Are
If you don't like how you feel,
expose yourself to a new way of relating to movement.
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Reasons to Take Charge of Your Mobility
It's like language, "Don't use it, you loose it."

And like language, it's context dependent. If you don't expose yourself to unfamiliar contexts, you will not find opportunity to keep your range of motion activated.
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  • Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP
    Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP
    Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
    How It Works

    The truth is reading about Feldenkrais is endlessly fascinating. I actually did read about it for three years before committing to the four year professional training in 2000. It seemed too good to be true.

    Can it really be this easy? The answer is yes, if you are open to receiving a new perspective, a new level of comfort and more freedom.

    Reading about it doesn't cut it. You have to DO the lessons to experience how good your life can be!
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